Statue of Liberty Facts for Kids – What you do not know

Needless to say, the Statue of Liberty is the representation of New York. Whenever it is talked about, it is impossible not to refer to the city. The said statue is a way to commemorate the declaration of American independence. This was a gift given from the people and citizens of France. Initially, the statue was constructed and built in France. Afterwards, it was sent all the way to the United States in crates. Such assembly took place in the pedestal. There are many Statue of Liberty facts for Kids that can be learned about. What are these?

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It was in the 28th of October, 1886 when the statue was dedicated. This was put to life by the France sculptor whose name is Frederic Bartholdi. The female it represented was a referral to Liberas. She was then the goddess of Liberty of the Romans. A torch was held by her. On her opposite side was a tabula ansata. This was a tablet. What can be found on there was an American Declaration which was inscribed in the 4th of July 1776. This was the known date for it.

At the feet of it, there is a broken chain lying. This may not be seen upon looking from the ground, but it does exist. Its official name has always been Liberty Enlightening the World. For quite a number of times, the statue has to be closed so that renovations may be undertaken. This happened both in the year 1984 and even that of 1986. The internal structure of the torch was replaced that time.

In measurement, it stands 151 feet. This is 46 meters if converted in its height. It is also 305 feet or almost 93 meters. This may start from the ground down to the torch itself. In a World’s Fair carried out in Paris in the year 1878, its head was put into display.

There came a point when United States had a really hard time funding the said project. This was evident most especially when they faced a financial crisis in the year 1873. This was the inspiration behind a drive that has to be realized. This was fore fronted by a publisher of newspaper whose name is Joseph Pulitzer/ New Yorkers actually embraced the idea proposed. This was pushed forward in order to succeed. Almost 80% of the donations obtained were seen. These were less than a dollar that time.

Originally, Liberty was not its real name. It was used to be referred to as the Bledleo’s Island. A ton of replicas were created for the said statue. Among these are situated in Las Vegas, and even that of Paris. There are still other cities that feature the mentioned. These are also evident to many.

Needless to say, the statue will be a reminder of the friendship of United States and France. This will not be surprising. The feels the statue give, and the Eiffel tower would always be resembling each other and this is no rocket science to understand.