Facts about the Circulatory System – Surprising Information

The circulatory system is made up of the blood vessels, blood and heart. It is necessary when it comes to fighting off diseases. With its presence, the maintenance of homeostasis is possible. This refers to the right pH balance and temperature in the body. The main function of this system is for the transportation of blood to be made possible. These are common facts about Circulatory system. However, there are still many to learn about the mentioned. Basically, it is not just about the carrying of blood. It also involves the transportation of gases, nutrients and even hormones originating from the cells to the whole body.

More about the Circulatory System

If all the arteries, veins and capillaries are to be lain out, they can stretch for as long as 60,000 miles. If converted, this is almost 100,000 kilometers. What is even more is that, the smallest blood vessels, the capillaries will be dominating the length up to 80%.

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The entire circumference of the Earth reaches about 25,000 miles. If this is converted into kilometers, it is 40,000. This goes to show that the blood vessels of a person can even wrap the planet and it may occur even for 2.5 times. Needless to say, capillaries are just too tiny. In average, they are just 8 microns. It is 1/3000 inch in diameter. Compared to a person’s hair, this is almost tenth in diameter. This is also the size of most red blood cells. Whenever they travel, they only do such in a single-file line. This is how it has always been. There are just capillaries though which are way smaller in diameter. This is going to be observed against blood cells. This is why the cells always distort their inherent shapes whenever they pass through.

The circulatory system is made up of various parts. The most important one is the heart. As many, the heart contracts and it does tirelessly. In an average lifetime, it would beat for almost 2.5 billion times. This is of course done so that blood may be pumped all over the body. Most of the time, the contractions are always stimulated and triggered because of the electrical impulses it receives. This would always originate in a particular area of the tissue’s heart. With that, the signals would then spread throughout the entire muscle. This would also occur in the heart’s wall through conducting fibers.

Another composition are the blood vessels. As said, this can be very long when stretched out. These vessels are also made up of three parts. They are the arteries, capillaries and the arterioles. These also perform varied functions in the body.

Of course, the circulatory system will not be completed without the blood. This blood is made up of a straw-colored fluid. It is also composed of plasma. Blood is responsible in the transportation of proteins, nutrients which are both necessary for the process of blood clotting. The same is also true for waste products.

Facts about Blizzards – What you can do

Blizzards are severe and critical snow storm which come with winds. The speed may be on 35 mph and lesser visibility is about to take place in this. This may be of ¼ mile and it may occur for even more than a maximum of three hours. There are many facts about Blizzards that have to be learned about. First of all, these would always take place after the occurrence of snowfall. This is evident whenever winds cause these whiteouts to occur or take place. This is the time when snow blow around the place. There may also be the presence of snowdrifts. These are the huge mountains and amounts of snow. These would always decrease the visibility of anyone.

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More about Blizzards

When it comes to blizzards, it has to be made sure that hypothermia is avoided. This may be caught outdoors all the time as the blizzards occurs or takes place. With this in mind, many have to make sure that they stay nourished and hydrated all the time. The flow of blood has to be kept intact. In order for winds to be blocked, the idea is to create snow cave. This is always effective. This is going to be a way in order for body temperature to be reduced a notch. Aside from this, do not forget that eating snow has never been recommended at all. This is another because this will only make you feel colder than ever before. In order to keep yourself safe, think about the animals and their well-being. Create an emergency plan if you are capable. This is a way to save your pets as well.

If by any chance, you need to travel through your car, but blizzard is already happening, it will be essential to own an emergency aid kit. This may include road flares, jumper cables, water, non-perishable food and tow rope. These will be needed just in case the car decides to break down, or gets an accident, or suddenly becomes stuck in a snow.

It was in the year 1977 when an emergency for blizzard was declared. This was carried out by the Federal Emergency. This was situated in both Southern Ohio and New York. This was the time when the storm accumulated for like five days that it even reached 12 inches. The winds during such times were deadly already.

Most of the time, blizzards are always severe. They will only transpire in cold front. The wind would pick the snow off and then it would be visible on the ground and then later on, it will start to fall down. Buildings may be destructed this way. There are instances when structures are buried under a deep feet of such drift snow. This too is possible.

In the history of Canada, the so called Saskatchewan is known to be the worse blizzard of all. This took place in the year 1945. This was really the worse as many would call it. In the US, New York will always be the snowiest city of all.

Statue of Liberty Facts for Kids – What you do not know

Needless to say, the Statue of Liberty is the representation of New York. Whenever it is talked about, it is impossible not to refer to the city. The said statue is a way to commemorate the declaration of American independence. This was a gift given from the people and citizens of France. Initially, the statue was constructed and built in France. Afterwards, it was sent all the way to the United States in crates. Such assembly took place in the pedestal. There are many Statue of Liberty facts for Kids that can be learned about. What are these?

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It was in the 28th of October, 1886 when the statue was dedicated. This was put to life by the France sculptor whose name is Frederic Bartholdi. The female it represented was a referral to Liberas. She was then the goddess of Liberty of the Romans. A torch was held by her. On her opposite side was a tabula ansata. This was a tablet. What can be found on there was an American Declaration which was inscribed in the 4th of July 1776. This was the known date for it.

At the feet of it, there is a broken chain lying. This may not be seen upon looking from the ground, but it does exist. Its official name has always been Liberty Enlightening the World. For quite a number of times, the statue has to be closed so that renovations may be undertaken. This happened both in the year 1984 and even that of 1986. The internal structure of the torch was replaced that time.

In measurement, it stands 151 feet. This is 46 meters if converted in its height. It is also 305 feet or almost 93 meters. This may start from the ground down to the torch itself. In a World’s Fair carried out in Paris in the year 1878, its head was put into display.

There came a point when United States had a really hard time funding the said project. This was evident most especially when they faced a financial crisis in the year 1873. This was the inspiration behind a drive that has to be realized. This was fore fronted by a publisher of newspaper whose name is Joseph Pulitzer/ New Yorkers actually embraced the idea proposed. This was pushed forward in order to succeed. Almost 80% of the donations obtained were seen. These were less than a dollar that time.

Originally, Liberty was not its real name. It was used to be referred to as the Bledleo’s Island. A ton of replicas were created for the said statue. Among these are situated in Las Vegas, and even that of Paris. There are still other cities that feature the mentioned. These are also evident to many.

Needless to say, the statue will be a reminder of the friendship of United States and France. This will not be surprising. The feels the statue give, and the Eiffel tower would always be resembling each other and this is no rocket science to understand.

Inflammation and Immune Response: Healing Arthritis and Chronic Pain


Inflammation is an amazing tool that the body has to fight disease. When a bee stings or a mosquito bites, the area around the wound turns red and a little bump appears as the immune system sends extra fluids with special blood cells to help control the foreign matter that was injected into the skin. After a few minutes or hours the skin returns to normal, the swelling goes down, and hopefully the itch has stopped. This was an inflammatory response that worked well.

Tennis elbow is an example of an inflammatory response that lasts longer. While this seems like disease, here the body may actually be working correctly; it may be that the body’s intelligence is telling the athlete to rest the elbow until the internal injury has healed–until the pain and swelling goes away.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

If the athlete doesn’t want to listen to the body, they may go to the doctor and get an anti-inflammatory—an NSAID, a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug. These drugs reduce the swelling by interfering with beneficial natural processes, the most important of which are fat digestion and blood clotting. Side-effects can be a problem.

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Using anti-inflammatory drugs is therefore a judgment call. If the pain is bad enough or the interference with daily activities is great enough, taking an NSAID may be the best choice. With simple inflammation the choice is easily made, but what if the pain never goes away?

Sometimes the inflammatory response doesn’t work so well. The area becomes inflamed and it just stays that way. Arthritis is an example of an inflammatory response that seems to be permanent; the joint always hurts. What’s the right approach?

Most people choose to take aspirin or some other NSAID for arthritis. Sometimes they even feel the need for Celebrex® or some other prescription anti-inflammatory. But is there a more natural approach to chronic inflammation?

Supplements for Inflammation

There are important natural approaches to improving chronic inflammation. One is supplementing with essential fatty acids (EFAs). This is even more important if the patient is taking NSAIDs because the drugs interfere with fatty acid metabolism. The second approach is getting more anti-oxidants into the diet. A third is using herbal tonics.

EFAs: Supplementing with EFAs is very cost effective. They are available at any health food store for 30 to 50 cents per day. They will provide the raw material for many body processes, including cell maintenance in every organ system of the body.

Antioxidants: Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is a good way to get more anti-oxidants. Drinking white and green teas is another source. Many supplements are now on the market but get a brand that has a high ORAC number. ORAC is the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity—basically a measure of the strength of the antioxidant.

Tonics: The third form of supplement is the herbal tonics that are available from a number of reputable companies. An internet search for “herbal tonics” will find several that are usually specialized for a particular body system.

Correcting the Diet

A separate approach to arthritis or other chronic inflammation works if there are subtle allergies. Using the “Eat Right For Your Type” diet may remove slight allergies to foods that, while they aren’t causing the patient to break into a rash, are causing a load on the immune system that is keeping the healing process from being completely effective.


Basically the body has the intelligence to heal itself. If the body isn’t healing, it’s because the diet or the environment is stressing the immune system to the point of being overwhelmed. It makes sense to either give the body a few more resources or remove some of the stresses