Facts about Blizzards – What you can do

Blizzards are severe and critical snow storm which come with winds. The speed may be on 35 mph and lesser visibility is about to take place in this. This may be of ¼ mile and it may occur for even more than a maximum of three hours. There are many facts about Blizzards that have to be learned about. First of all, these would always take place after the occurrence of snowfall. This is evident whenever winds cause these whiteouts to occur or take place. This is the time when snow blow around the place. There may also be the presence of snowdrifts. These are the huge mountains and amounts of snow. These would always decrease the visibility of anyone.

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More about Blizzards

When it comes to blizzards, it has to be made sure that hypothermia is avoided. This may be caught outdoors all the time as the blizzards occurs or takes place. With this in mind, many have to make sure that they stay nourished and hydrated all the time. The flow of blood has to be kept intact. In order for winds to be blocked, the idea is to create snow cave. This is always effective. This is going to be a way in order for body temperature to be reduced a notch. Aside from this, do not forget that eating snow has never been recommended at all. This is another because this will only make you feel colder than ever before. In order to keep yourself safe, think about the animals and their well-being. Create an emergency plan if you are capable. This is a way to save your pets as well.

If by any chance, you need to travel through your car, but blizzard is already happening, it will be essential to own an emergency aid kit. This may include road flares, jumper cables, water, non-perishable food and tow rope. These will be needed just in case the car decides to break down, or gets an accident, or suddenly becomes stuck in a snow.

It was in the year 1977 when an emergency for blizzard was declared. This was carried out by the Federal Emergency. This was situated in both Southern Ohio and New York. This was the time when the storm accumulated for like five days that it even reached 12 inches. The winds during such times were deadly already.

Most of the time, blizzards are always severe. They will only transpire in cold front. The wind would pick the snow off and then it would be visible on the ground and then later on, it will start to fall down. Buildings may be destructed this way. There are instances when structures are buried under a deep feet of such drift snow. This too is possible.

In the history of Canada, the so called Saskatchewan is known to be the worse blizzard of all. This took place in the year 1945. This was really the worse as many would call it. In the US, New York will always be the snowiest city of all.