Interesting Electric Eel Facts

Electric eels, for those who are not into creatures of bodies of water, may appear to be terrifying. Just from the name itself, it goes to appear as if it is dangerous. However, there are various electric eel facts that should be learned about them. What are these?

The Truth about Electric Eels

  1. Contrary to most people’s belief, electric eels are not really just eels. They play a vital role in the fish family of knife fish.
  2. The mentioned critters are always a native of the rivers of South America. However, they do not really get to spend so much of their time in the underwater. They come to the surface all the time so that they can breathe. This is necessary.
  3. Most of these electric eels are living with their vital organs. These may be crammed into 20% of their body. The rest would only have to be about 6000 cells which are considered to be synonymous to little batteries.
  4. Most of the body of it is devoted to that of electricity. It is not surprising that the eel has the ability to zap more than that of 600 volts.
  5. The voltage of the eel is used for its great defense. It can guard its body like that. It may also be just handy whenever it has to hunt a prey. The small fish and even crustaceans are the most common victims of these electric eels.
  6. Electric eels do not have the capacity to see what they are trying to shock. They are usually blind. They would somehow utilize their radar like system in order for electrical pulses to navigate and that is the time when they get to find food.
  7. Eels come with their thick skin too. Normally, these have the ability to insulate them from attacking of their own. However, if by any chance they will be wounded, and then they would be ask to shock themselves too. This might happen.
  8. Once a fully grown and mature electric eel is present, it may reach to up until eight feet. This may even weigh 44 pounds. That can occur and take place as well.
  9. Fatal attacks on most humans do not happen a lot. There is rarity here. However, it does not mean that these eels are no longer harmless. There are instances when they can be.

As for the shock that such eels produce, they can do this for they have the ability to produce such with their pairs of organs available. These are seen in their abdomen. The electricity might even take up 80% of the body of the electric eel. This may occur as well. This would leave almost 20% of the electric eel feels on the body. These are necessary though for such to survive.

The breeding behavior of such eels may be odd too. In most dry season, they would make a nest using their saliva and they would use it as a place where female electric eels lay eggs.